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Alex, October 2021

The well-meaning advice “put your brand on the map online!” feels like an open door to many brand owners or product sellers. Cliché or not, if you sell through Amazon, you better take the well-intentioned advice as a command. More and more consumers no longer search for a product via Google, but directly on Amazon. A good image can therefore be decisive. Schelto, managing director of DivisionM, gives tips.

What makes your brand stand out?

A strong online brand experience is very important. Check it out for yourself: if a website has a shabby look, you won’t buy anything and will look further for a similar product. So: the more information, the more complete, the more recent; the better. That’s how you serve your customer. And if you do it really well, you even give the customer a positive, warm and good feeling. Direct result: sales increase and customers write a positive review.

What is Amazon looking for?

It’s not just you who is happy about increasing sales and positive reviews, Amazon is too. And you, in return, will be again happy about it too. For Amazon, the customer is king. Before your brand can be found organically on the platform, you have to prove to Amazon that there is a demand for your products and that you are a good seller. As you can imagine, you need good sales figures and positive reviews from customers. How do you get those? Right, by building a strong online brand experience.

Give your brand a positive presence

On Amazon’s platform you can create your own website (brand page); a kind of shop-in-shop or mini-website. Here you can put all the information about your brand and the products you offer, so the consumer gets a (good!) feeling about your brand. DivisionM set up the brand page of the Naif brand. The page shows at a glance what this brand has to offer and what it sells.

Product information

At the bottom of the page of a specific product you will find its specifications and applications. An example: the brand Kailo sells pain patches. As a customer you want to know how it works and what the effects are. You are also curious about the experiences of other consumers. Who uses this product and do they recommend it? A study that shows why the product works well will win you over. All this extra information is called A+ content. It gives a punch to your brand, without saying very directly “buy this product, because it’s fantastic”. DivisionM provided the A+ content from the Kailo brand (scroll down a bit to ‘Descrizione prodotto‘).

Take your chance

For Amazon, the richer the information, the better. A well-filled brand page increases the chance that Amazon will show your brand as one of the first in relevant searches. Filling such a page takes a lot of time, but it is a great opportunity to let millions of people come into contact with your brand. The right language is important. Do you sell in the Netherlands, Spain and France? Then you need to have a brand page in three languages.

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