Amazon NL to launch in Q1 2020

Amazon has announced that in the first quarter of 2020 it will compete with parties such as and Wehkamp through in the Netherlands.

For some years now, Amazon has been active in the Netherlands with its own website for e-books. Sales of consumer goods are currently conducted through This website is already entirely in Dutch and products are delivered from Germany, near the Dutch border. Meanwhile, more than 500 million per year is sold to Dutch consumers.

For Dutch consumers, however, it is still largely unknown that Amazon Germany can deliver virtually all items offered on its German website to the Netherlands, despite large-scale campaigns on Google in recent years. Under the website, Amazon expects to facilitate this and to lead consumers more easily to its marketplace.

To date, Amazon has lagged behind parties like, Coolblue and Wehkamp mainly because of the relatively “slow” delivery from Germany. Amazon will therefore start delivering from a warehouse in the Netherlands, making next-day and same-day delivery standard. The delivery will (for now) be arranged through parcel delivery companies like PostNL and DHL, but it is certainly possible that Amazon will eventually want to have control over this process and choose its own delivery companies.

Meanwhile, Amazon has started to approach Dutch companies that have a Vendor Account to activate a Dutch account. Vendors of Amazon are companies where Amazon itself buys. This is in contrast to companies that sell their own products as a Seller through the platform of Amazon.